What is a thermofoil door?

Typically a thermofoil cabinet door is a one piece door machined out of 3/4" MDF and laminated with a vinyl film which is applied with extreme heat and pressure. It becomes a very low maintenance door that lasts for many years without showing wear like a solid wood door.

Why do some thermofoil doors delaminate?

In most cases, delamination is caused by the manufacturer of the door not following the "rules" when making the door. Here at Advanced Door Concepts, Inc., we refuse to compromise on the quality of the board, glue, applications and pressing cycles which can cause failures if not properly maintained. We constantly monitor the temperatures of the press cycles to insure a good bond of the vinyl to the substrate.

Why should I use doors from Advanced Door Concepts, Inc., instead of another door company?

Here at Advanced Door Concepts, Inc., we not only make a high quality door, but we back all of our products with our outstanding customer service. After all, what good is it to you, our customer, if you have a problem such as ordering 1 door short or your customer adding something on and you have to wait for 2-3 weeks to get a couple of parts to complete the job so you can get paid. We understand your problems and do all we can to help you with them in as timely a fashion as possible.

Do you offer a warranty?

We warranty our white vinyl doors against yellowing and/or any manufacturing defects of all of our vinyl doors for five years, under normal wear and tear conditions. Alterations to original material is not warranted. Warranty is void if there is direct exposure to excessive heat, and/or sunlight, i.e. range area. We reserve the right to inspect such defects if such arise. Our doors are designed for interior cabinetry only. Original invoice is necessary for any warranty work to be honored. We need the defective door back in order for it to be replaced at no charge. Replacement limited to product only, no labor, etc. Slight variations in profiles may occur in time due to tooling. Slight color variations may occur if original color brand is unavailable. Check for availability.

We invite you to browse our entire collection of cabinet doors, reach out to our expert staff, or order online for timely delivery to your store or location.