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 Woodgrains-Mica Match 

Autumn Walnut
Wilson Art 7946-38
Formica 9257 / Arborite T-421-CA / Wilson Art 7062-60 / Pionite HP338
Arborite W405VL
Chocolate Pear
Formica 6209 / Nevamar WF0008 / Arborite W444
Clark Cherry
Arborite W305VL
Hardrock Maple
Nevamar WM0033 / Wilson Art 10776-60 / Formica 7012-58
Honey Maple
Formica WM951 / Pionite WM951 / Wilson Art 7925-38
Mahogany Impressions
Arborite W404
Arborite W415FP
Formica 7484 / Wilson Art 10745 / Arborite W404 / Pionite WX 031 / Nevamar WZ0031
Summer Flame
Arborite T-420 / Formica 7285-58 / Formica 86622-58 / Nevamar WF0005
Umbrian Oak
Arborite T453-KL
Wild Apple
Formica 9256-58 / Arborite W420 / Nevamar WM0018
Wild Cherry
Formica 5904-43 / Wilson Art 7054-60
Windsor Mahogany
Formica 7583-58 / Arborite W372 / Nevamar W8352

Important Note:

All color matches are suggestions only and are not guaranteed to be exact matches.  There will be variations in the quality of the matches because of two different types of materials being brought together.  We encourage you to have your customer see both products for the quality of the match before ordering.  Advanced Door Concepts, Inc. is not responsible for the color matches, suggested or otherwise.

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